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Catering Stories

The Mercury Bay Yacht Club hosts the America’s cup and guests

Delicious food Americas Cup Event-Manningtons Hahei Beach Catering

What they desired 

Good quality finger foods for a cold night




What we delivered

Pizza ciabatta bread
Homemade beef stroganoff pies party pies
Crumbed scallops
Fresh snapper and house made chunky tartare
Stuffed mussels
Smoked fish ribbon sandwiches


Marina party

The Whitianga Marina celebrates the opening of its new boat shed building and the retirement of its manager.

Manningtons Hahei Catering Events

What they desired 

Good quality finger foods



What we delivered
2 hours of continuous snack food platters

Egg, ham and asparagus pinwheel wraps
Chicken and herbed mayo finger sandwiches



Homemade mince and cheese party pies
Homemade pork, apple and sage sausage rolls
And chutney sauce


Chicken, bacon and rosemary bites
And spicy tomato sauce

Deep fried Panko

Crumbed fish bites

Stuffed crumbed mussels
and lemon caper aioli

Tiny Carrot cake cupcakes
Passionfruit caramel crisps

Private dinner celebration

The client entertains international commodity buyers in a beautiful private home on the beach

Manningtons Hahei Catering Events


What they desired 

A menu that showcased local New Zealand food


What we delivered

Macadamia crumbed mussels

Tuna tataki

Roasted venison, Beetroot puree, Roasted and crisp, Watercress, Jus
Garlic , thyme and salt roasted new potatoes
Asparagus, peas, raddish

Lemon and kaffir lime pannacotta, caramel crisp, strawberries

Irene Van Dyke School Fundraiser

The local newspaper, the Informer, hosts a fundraising dinner for the Mercury Bay Area School

Manningtons Hahei Catering Events





What they desired 

A three course dinner for 220 guests executed by the Year 11 students



What we delivered 

Supervision and coordination of the planning, preparation and execution of a very successful fundraiser for the school with an Asian inspired menu


Coromandel Early Child Care Hui

A  day conference for 180 local educators

Manningtons Hahei Catering Events







What they desired

Healthy, easy to serve lunch, morning and afternoon tea treats


What we delivered

Recyclable, healthy, packed lunchboxes, bliss balls, wholemeal date and orange scones with cream and jam

40th party

Out of towners want a food drop for an informal birthday lunch for 30

Manningtons Hahei Catering Events





What they desired 

Easy, family friendly, ready to serve food


What we delivered 
 Whole Glazed and Baked Ham
Fresh Rolls and Herb butter

Potato Salad with smoked Kahawai, watercress, nutty chickpeas and horseradish dressing

Broccoli, bacon and parmesan salad

Barley, roast carrot, feta, currant and parsley salad

Xmas functions

Annual celebration of long-term friends

Manningtons Hahei Catering Events


What they desired

A special Christmas menu for a sit down dinner

What we delivered
Canape on arrival 

My famous, tiny, mussel fritters
Individually plated entrée –
Marinated fresh snapper, avocado
Crumbed, fried feta cheese balls, raspberry and beetroot puree




Banquet Style Main

Whole beef fillet, creamy new potatoes, blue cheese, watercress and walnut crumb
Asian Poached Chicken Salad.
Green and leafy bowl, vinaigrette and croutons

Chocolate – mousse cake with summer berries
Coffee – tiramisu trifle
 Vanilla – panna cotta with berry sorbet and mille feulle

Waterways opening

Peninsular Party Hire hosts the business association function at the waterways new island opening

Manningtons Hahei Catering Events

What they desired 

Fancy finger food

What we delivered

Falafel with garlic yoghurt

Lemon grass chicken skewers

Fresh asparagus and avocado rolls

Roast pork and crackling rolls with slaw

Crispy camembert with pickled beetroot

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