Liv & Dan

A simple family wedding in a stunning location  - Orua Beach House, Hotwater beach

“Joanna’s depth of knowledge and experience helped us plan for details that we hadn’t even considered when we started planning our wedding”

What Liv and Dan desired

 Simple, generous, fresh and vibrant platters of food to be shared at long, communal tables.

What we delivered

We worked with the bride to help her meet her budget. Her friends provided picnic baskets of cheese and crackers for pre -dinner snacks and games on the lawn. Her aunties made their signature sweets which we plated up and we provided the following banquet platters for the main course.

Slow roasted lamb leg, gourmet potatoes, peas, beans and pesto



Honey mustard caramelized ham with fennel slaw


BBQ’d chicken escallops, cherry tomatoes, capers and courgette.


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Liv & Dan

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